Uzbekistan's oil giant Saneg upgrades its base oil production
Photo courtesy of Saneg

Uzbekistan’s oil giant Saneg upgrades its base oil production

In a landmark initiative for Uzbekistan’s oil and gas industry, Sanoat Energetika Guruhi (Saneg), the country’s top private oil and gas corporation, has embarked on a groundbreaking modernisation program. Announced on January 16, 2024, this program focuses on elevating the quality of base oil production to meet European standards, a first for Uzbekistan.

Situated at the Fergana refinery (FNPZ), Saneg’s project is set to significantly advance the quality of base oils produced in the country. The company has planned an ambitious production target of approximately 130,000 tons of base oils for 2024, with half of this output destined for export markets in Italy, the Baltic states, and Turkey.

This expansive modernisation program encompasses a comprehensive upgrade of FNPZ’s atmospheric vacuum column, along with improvements to the on-site processes that produce base oils.

A key aspect of the program’s initial phase is the adoption of new catalysts in the base oil hydrotreating column. This crucial unit undertakes the deep cleaning of oil, effectively removing contaminants such as sulfur, nitrogen, aromatic hydrocarbons, and asphaltene substances. These impurities are known to adversely impact the products’ oxidation stability, corrosion characteristics, and color.

Saneg’s Chief Executive Officer, Tulkin Yusupov, remarked, “This endeavor to refine the quality of base oils represents a leap in our commitment to innovation and product enhancement. The overhaul allows us to fully utilise the hydrotreating plant’s potential, producing oils with superior antioxidant and anticorrosive properties, aligning with API standards.”

In a significant technological advancement, Saneg has introduced the HyBRIM group of catalysts at FNPZ, developed by the Danish company Topsoe. This new breed of catalysts is pivotal in achieving deep purification of oils, effectively eliminating sulfur and nitrogen impurities.

The results of these enhancements will be seen in the production of a range of commercial oils, including motor oils, transmission oils, hydraulic oils, compressor oils, and more. These products will be marketed under the SEG Motol brand, signifying a new era of high-quality lubricants in the market.

Saneg, formerly known as Jizzakh Petroleum until November 2021, was established in 2017. The company’s inception aimed to boost Uzbekistan’s capabilities in processing hydrocarbon raw materials and producing premium petroleum products, enhancing the nation’s oil and gas industry’s export potential.

As Uzbekistan’s largest private oil and gas entity, Saneg holds the rights to 103 deposits for geological exploration and extraction, contributing to about 80% of the nation’s oil production. With a workforce exceeding 5,000, the company operates across multiple locations in Uzbekistan, including Karshi, Mubarek, Fergana, and Andijan.

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