Adipro appoints DNL Chemical as exclusive U.S. representative

Adipro appoints DNL Chemical as exclusive U.S. representative

Adipro Chemicals, a manufacturer of lubricant additives and oil field specialty chemicals, announced the opening of the U.S. market for Adipro lubricant additives and named DNL Chemical as its exclusive representative.  

“DNL Chemical has spent the past few months in conversations with oil and grease blenders about their needs and frustrations  over supply and quality of additive packages. We have found the solution with  Adipro. A high quality and economical option for companies that make oil and  grease products. Adipro is the perfect company to bring to the USA at this time,” said Todd Cawley, CEO/owner of DNL Chemical.  

“We are pleased to  announce this strategic partnership with DNL Chemicals to bring our products to  the lubricant blenders in the U.S.A. Adipro is committed to quality and is investing in R&D and sustainability. We look forward to working closely with our clients,  lubricant manufacturers to solve their raw material and supply chain challenges,” said Umesh Amarnani, managing director, Adipro Chemicals.  

Adipro has two plants in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and in India from where the products are manufactured and shipped to our distributors and clients across the world. The  manufacturing plants are ISO certified.

Registered in the British Virgin Islands, Adipro has assigned the exclusive global license to PM Hana (HK) Ltd with its head office in Hong Kong, for the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of its chemical portfolio.

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