Chevron and Tethys forge new lubricants venture in Nigeria
Photo courtesy of Chevron

Chevron and Tethys forge new lubricants venture in Nigeria

Chevron Brands International LLC and Tethys Ltd have entered into a Branded Business Development Agreement to boost the production and distribution of Texaco-branded lubricants in Nigeria. This alliance is set to provide Nigerian motorists and industries with an array of high-quality automotive and industrial lubricants, including engine oils, transmission fluids, and hydraulic fluids under the Texaco, Havolineยฎ, and Deloยฎ brands.

Pat McCloud, general manager of Chevron Europe Finished Lubricants, expressed confidence in the partnership, citing Tethys’ marketing prowess in Nigeria. “We’re embarking on a significant venture with Tethys to supply top-tier Texaco-branded lubricants,” McCloud said. “This collaboration is a continuation of Texaco’s longstanding presence in Nigeria and aligns with our commitment to meet the evolving demands of the Nigerian market.”

Chevron, a major global energy corporation and the second-largest oil and gas entity in the United States, is renowned for its extensive production of premium base oil. The company’s in-house development of Texaco-branded lubricants ensures control over the entire production process. Chevron’s stature as a leading additives developer and finished lubricants marketer is supported by a network of 10 facilities and 25 blending plants worldwide.

Habib Bello, managing director of Tethys Ltd, shared his enthusiasm for the exclusive licensing agreement. “Our alliance with Chevron for Texaco-branded lubricants is a testament to our commitment to providing superior lubricant solutions in Nigeria,” Bello said. “We’re poised to distribute Texaco-branded products across the nation, reinforcing our goal to make these lubricants a staple in Nigerian households.”