Chevron Launches ‘Ride Strong’ Marketing Campaign to Promote New Motorcycle Engine Oil Range

Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd has launched the latest Caltex Halvoline range of motorcycle engine oils with a high impact, regional marketing campaign that includes a new television commercial, strong digital and social media engagement, and experiential activations in targeted locations.  The Caltex™ brand is Chevron’s customer-facing brand in Asia Pacific and parts of the Middle East and Africa.

The marketing campaign theme ‘Ride Strong’ draws on Caltex Havoline’s brand attribute of ‘Genuine Strength’, and aims to provide customers confidence their “reliable, quality engine oil” will overcome challenges posed by unforgiving city traffic. The campaign kicked off in Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia, and will continue to roll out in key markets throughout the Asia region, including Pakistan and Sri Lanka. “It has always been our pride to provide innovative solutions to our riders not just in enhancing their bike’s engine performance but also in making their experience more exciting and valuable,” said Mr Lennard Kwek, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager, Chevron Lubricants.

In the media release, Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd. confirmed the strategic importance of the Asia Pacific market, highlighting an ever-increasing two-wheeler population which accounts for almost 80% of global motorcycle oil consumption. The upgraded range of Caltex Halvoline oils for motorcycles and scooters include fully synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral grades of engine oil and cover the most commonly used viscosity grades.  In particular, the company’s range of scooter engine oils has been upgraded across all grades to adhere to the latest industry standards of API SN and JASO MB.

Caltex Havoline engine oils incorporate proprietary C.O.R.E. and ZOOMTECH additive technology which the company claims addresses “key concerns faced by urban motorcyclists in stressful city traffic conditions” and provides enhanced engine performance and a more satisfying riding experience.  Havoline Super 4T Semi-Synthetic products with C.O.R.E. Technology are 50% better in keeping engines clean and controlling deposits, as compared to the industry standard limit, the company declares.