Chevron Lummus commissions world's largest hydroprocessing white oil unit in China
Photo courtesy of Chevron Lummus

Chevron Lummus commissions world’s largest hydroprocessing white oil unit in China

Chevron Lummus Global LLC has commissioned the world’s largest mineral white oil production facility on behalf of Hongrun Petrochemical in China, utilising ISODEWAXING and ISOFINISHING technologies.

The Weifang complex features daily nameplate capacities of 500,000 metric tons of API Group III base oils and 200,000 metric tons of food-grade white oils.

Chevron Lummus notes its all-hydroprocessing process route concentrates and transforms wax molecules into premium base stock. Technologies maximise product yields and boost product performance across lubricants and derivatives serving pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial sectors.

“We have full confidence this new unit will propel Hongrun as a leading high-quality white oil manufacturer in China,” said Chief Technology Officer Arun Arora. The timely start-up cements the venture’s reputation, enabling partners to capture robust fluid market growth.

As emerging economies expand, demand for versatile mineral oils spans transportation, manufacturing, food processing and petrochemical feedstocks.