ExxonMobil evaluating options for new world-scale PAO unit
Photo courtesy of ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil evaluating options for new world-scale PAO unit

ExxonMobil is currently evaluating options for a new world-scale metallocene high-viscosity (mHiVis) polyalphaolefin (PAO) unit to serve the Asia Pacific market.

The plans for building a mHiVis PAO unit, which ExxonMobil announced on its website, “supports ExxonMobil’s commitment to deliver its leading SpectraSyn Elite™ mHiVis PAO into growing global markets while further strengthening supply reliability to our customers globally.”

The SpectraSyn Elite mHiVis PAO base stocks are designed to help finished lubricants offer greater energy efficiency, better performance across a wider temperature range and longer drain intervals for a broad range of applications across the industrial and transportation lubricant sectors.

“The world-scale mHiVis unit would further strengthen supply reliability to customers and would be in addition to our recent 20% expansion of our Baytown, Texas, mHiVis PAO plant.” said Alistair Westwood, Synthetics global marketing manager, ExxonMobil Product Solutions Company. 

The announcement reinforces ExxonMobil’s market leadership position within the high viscosity PAO market via diversifying its global footprint and enabling increased supply reliability of innovative products to help customers develop finished lubricant formulations that can offer sustainability benefits, the company said.

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