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2021 WPC Excellence Awards now open for submissions

Every three years the World Petroleum Council presents the WPC Excellence Awards in two categories, Technological Development and Social Responsibility, recognising exceptional achievements in the oil and gas industry. Each category has two winners, one from an NOC or large business and the other to represent the work of small and medium size organisations.

The objective of the WPC Excellence Awards (WPCEA) is to distinguish companies, institutions or any public or private organisation (not individuals) engaged in the oil and gas industry for promoting or operating with high excellence standards. Companies can submit their projects for consideration up to June 18, 2021 and the link for submissions is now open. For details visit https://www.world-petroleum.org/wpc-excellence-awards.

Dr Pierce Riemer, Director General of the WPC noted โ€œWe are in an incredible position where we can witness these industry achievements and select from a vast range of unique projects. Our panel of independent judges have a hard task aheadโ€.

As part of the WPCEAโ€™s, the WPC also present the WPC Excellence Awards for Youth to highlight the important contribution by youth to the energy industry, and reward the best young authors of the Congress. These are selected from the best abstracts submitted by young professionals under 35. The winners will be announced during the 23rd World Petroleum Congress, during the WPC Excellence Awards Ceremony.

The 23rd World Petroleum Congress โ€“ with the theme Innovative Energy Solutions will provide the platform for open dialogue between consumers and producers, governments and industry, academia and financiers, leaders and society, in order to address these issues and present debates, developments and solutions for sustainable production and use of the world’s energy resources. Full details of the programme are available at www.wpc2020.com.

Organised by the World Petroleum Council, the Congress takes place in Houston, Texas, December 5-9, 2021. The triennial Congress is the premier event of the oil and gas sector and attracts the highest-level industry and government leaders from around the world, including heads of state, ministers of energy and C-suite executives. More than 100 countries, 50 ministers, 700 expert speakers, 1,000 media, and 10,000 attendees are expected to participate in the Congress, which will also feature the World Petroleum Exhibition in the 50,000 square meter George R. Brown Convention Centre in Houstonโ€™s Downtown Campus.

About the World Petroleum Council

The World Petroleum Council was established in 1933 and provides a neutral platform for discussion of the issues facing the oil and gas industry and its stakeholders around the globe. It is a non-advocacy, non-political organization, dedicated to the application of scientific advances in the oil and gas industries, technology transfer and the sustainable use of the worldโ€™s petroleum resources for the benefit of all. The WPC is registered as a charity in the UK. Its nearly 70 member countries represent 96% of the worldโ€™s oil and gas production and consumption. Every three years the WPC hosts the prestigious World Petroleum Congress in one of its member countries.

For further information on the World Petroleum Council, contact www.world-petroleum.org.