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BASF introduces new generation of gasoline additives in China

BASF introduces new generation of gasoline additives in China
Photo courtesy of BASF

BASF has introduced a new generation of KuaiLePao (快乐跑® / Keropur®) gasoline additive for the Chinese automotive aftermarket. The new formulation is designed to enhance the cleaning performance of direct injection engines.

Dr. Daqing Zheng (third from left), senior vice president, Business and Market Development, BASF Greater China, and Jihe Zhang (third from right), chairman of Beijing Aojie Kai Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., celebrated the launch of the new generation of KuaiLePao (快乐跑® / Keropur®) gasoline additive.

Specifically tailored to the technical requirements of modern direct injection spark ignition (DISI) combustion engines, KuaiLePao comes with an advanced formulation to provide an improved engine cleaning effect, according to BASF. With its technical performance, KuaiLePao helps reduce emissions and improve fuel economy, the German chemical company said.

When applied in the refueling process, KuaiLePao helps ensure maximum engine cleanliness by effectively removing existing deposits from the fuel system as well as preventing the formation of new deposits. This improves engine performance and provides vehicle owners with a better driving experience, the company claimed.

“Today’s advanced combustion engine technologies present another challenge –deposits build up inside the engine when exposed to problematic fuel qualities. This is exactly the problem that our high-performance KuaiLePao helps,” said Zheng. “A cleaner engine and associated combustion not only prolong the part’s lifespan but also provide benefits such as less fuel consumed, fewer emissions emitted and in consequence contribute to a more sustainable mobility system.”

According to the latest “China Motor Vehicle Environmental Management Annual Report (2021)” by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, mobility source pollution has become an important source of air pollution in large and medium-sized cities in China. The urgency of motor vehicle pollution prevention is becoming increasingly prominent.