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PMC expands agreement with Safic-Alcan to Africa

PMC expands agreement with Safic-Alcan to Africa
Photo courtesy of Safic-Alcan

PMC Organometallix, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of PMC Group, N.A., Inc. has expanded its distribution agreement with Safic-Alcan to include the African continent. Effective immediately, Safic-Alcan will serve as an authorized distributor of PMC Organometallix’s FASCAT® catalysts and fine chemicals.

FASCAT® catalysts are inorganic and organometallic tin compounds providing optimal conversion and curing characteristics – making these organometallic materials essential in a wide variety of applications. FASCAT® catalysts are used in the manufacture of synthetic lubricants, monomeric and polymeric ester synthesis, automotive e-coat, crosslinking of siloxanes, urethanes and chemical intermediates.

“Building on our successful partnership with Safic-Alcan in continental Europe, we are pleased to extend our collaboration with Safic-Alcan to the African continent. Expanding our catalyst sales to the African market stems from our aim to grow our FASCAT® business in new markets in EMEA region where Safic-Alcan’s local presence, network and resources can have a considerable contribution to our growth,” said Yanal Shekem, regional sales director, EMEA at PMC.

“Our companies have built a successful cooperation in Europe, and we are excited to further strengthen this existing partnership and write with PMC Organometallix a new chapter in Africa. We are confident FASCAT® catalysts will allow our technical sales teams to enhance our regional product offering and better serve our African customers,” said Jean-Marie Schmuck, business development director, Coatings and Construction, Safic-Alcan.