Viva Energy unveils carbon offset program for fuel purchases
Photo courtesy of Viva Energy

Viva Energy unveils carbon offset program for fuel purchases

Viva Energy, one of Australia’s leading energy companies, is gearing up to assist its Shell Card customers in their journey towards achieving sustainability targets. In a recent update, Viva unveiled its new offering, a carbon offset feature for the diesel, petrol, and AdBlue purchased through the Shell Card.

With sustainability becoming a cornerstone in the operational strategies of businesses globally, Viva Energy’s move aims to cater to companies determined to reduce their carbon footprint. By incorporating the carbon offset option, customers can seamlessly participate in green initiatives every time they make a purchase using their Shell Card.

Viva Energy, a licensee of the Shell brand in Australia, is dedicated to addressing the environmental concerns linked to energy consumption. This commitment is evident in their various ventures that concentrate on reducing emissions and championing renewable energy.

The company’s carbon offset initiative ensures that for every litre of fuel bought with the Shell Card, a corresponding amount will be used to fund projects focusing on carbon reduction. This could be in the form of tree planting or other renewable energy ventures, fostering an environment-first approach.

Through collaborations with Greenfleet and Climate Active, Viva Energy ensures that its carbon offset scheme is both effective and trustworthy. Both these partners are reputed for their work in environmental conservation and carbon offset projects.

CEO of Viva Energy, Scott Wyatt, shed light on this new initiative, emphasising the firm’s dedication to assisting businesses in becoming more eco-friendly. He believes that through shared efforts and collaborations, significant strides can be made in the realm of environmental conservation.