Intertek collaborates with Zero Petroleum on synthetic fuels
Photo courtesy of Zero Petroleum

Intertek collaborates with Zero Petroleum on synthetic fuels

Leading quality assurance provider Intertek has joined forces with Zero Petroleum, an innovative energy firm. Both companies are headquartered in London, United Kingdom. This collaboration aims to promote the use of synthetic fuels, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable future. Zero Petroleum, endorsed by Formula One icon Damon Hill OBE, is at the forefront of creating synthetic fuels that promise a future free from fossil fuels.

With a rich history spanning more than 135 years in the fuel sector, Intertek recognises the pivotal role synthetic fuels play in global defossilisation. The quest to achieve net zero requires the development of carbon-neutral alternatives to traditional fuels. This collaboration underscores the importance of synthetic fuels in this endeavor.

Produced from air and water, Zero’s synthetic fuels represent a significant advancement in the shift to cleaner energy. Designed to replace conventional petroleum-based fuels, they find applications in transportation, aviation, and agriculture. Given the vast number of vehicles and machinery worldwide, the ability of Zero’s synthetic fuels to integrate seamlessly into existing engines is noteworthy. As part of this alliance, Intertek will bolster Zero’s efforts to expedite the development and certification of these innovative fuels.

This partnership isn’t their first collaboration. Intertek previously backed Zero’s initiative with the UK’s Royal Air Force, which led to a Guinness World Records title in 2021 for the “first aircraft powered by synthetic fuel.” Intertek’s cutting-edge labs and facilities will be instrumental in evaluating the fuels’ composition, emissions, and adherence to stringent industry standards.

Paddy Lowe, co-founder and CEO of Zero, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasising Intertek’s unparalleled testing and certification capabilities. Andrรฉ Lacroix, CEO of Intertek, shared the sentiment, highlighting Intertek’s commitment to fostering a safer, better world through quality and sustainability.