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Lubrizol launches new website for the lubricants market

U.S.-based petroleum additive manufacturer Lubrizol Corporation has launched a new website, LubrizolAdditives360.com, which aims to cover the entire lubricant market, incorporating all the information and insights from Lubrizol`s previous websites, DriveLineNEWS.com, FluidLineFlash.com, GF-­6.com, HDDEO.com, MCEO.com and PCEO.com.

The site’s content is arranged in a format that aligns with the following specific business focus areas:

  • Passenger (including passenger car and motorcycle)
  • Commercial (including on-road and off-road vehicles)

Key features of LubrizolAdditives360.com include:

  • announcements on the latest engine oil specifications;
  • information on advancements in passenger vehicle technology;
  • reports on new trends in automotive gear manufacturing;
  • intelligence on driveline and engine oil lubricants and fuels; and,
  • insight into innovative solutions for off-highway vehicles.

“Lubrizol Additives has always taken great pride in being a market leader and an advocate for the use of higher performing lubricants,” said Mike McCabe, director, Lubrizol Additives global marketing. “We are confident that this new industry insight website will provide valuable content for our customers and continue to drive the industry forward in a positive direction.”