Lubrizol obtains license for BASF's synthetic industrial lubricants
Photo courtesy of BASF

Lubrizol obtains license for BASF’s synthetic industrial lubricants

BASF Corporation has signed an agreement granting The Lubrizol Corporation a license to produce and market select EMGARD and Plurasafe industrial lubricant products, starting April 1, 2024. The licensing agreement supports BASF’s strategic focus in the sector, the company said in a statement.

The non-exclusive licensing covers specific synthetic hydraulic fluids, gear oils, compressor fluids, heat transfer oils, and other specialty lubricants serving industrial sectors. Lubrizol will sell the licensed products under its CPI Fluid Engineering brand once the deal takes effect.

Lubrizol brings more than 95 years of experience developing and supplying high performance industrial lubricants worldwide. Its global footprint and strong channel presence can effectively serve continued demand for the BASF products.

“Lubrizol is well-positioned to deliver these industrial solutions to customers that need them,” said Brian Lieberman, vice president, Fuel and Lubricant Solutions, BASF.

“BASF and Lubrizol’s agreement represent both organizations’ strong commitment to the markets and customers and will further enhance and expand Lubrizol’s extensive current portfolio of industrial lubricants,” said Michael Brubaker, vice president, Lubrizol Fluid Engineering.

Affected BASF industrial lubricant customers have received details to ensure a seamless order and delivery transition process when Lubrizol assumes production next year.

The deal expands Lubrizol’s wide portfolio for markets requiring specialized fluids to maximize machine productivity and reliability. It also further leverages the company’s technical expertise across complex lubricant chemistries.