Lucas Oil expands to Brazil, partners with Lucar Oil
Photo courtesy of Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil expands to Brazil, partners with Lucar Oil

Lucas Oil announced its foray into the Brazilian market through a partnership with Comercial Lucar, Brazil’s foremost distributor of automotive lubricants and filters. This collaboration marks a significant step in Lucas Oil’s international growth strategy, introducing its high-quality products to Brazil’s robust automotive sector.

Brazil, ranking as the world’s 10th largest economy, boasts a vehicle population exceeding 83 million. This expansion offers Lucas Oil a substantial opportunity to cater to a market where the average light-duty vehicle age surpasses 10 years. The partnership with Comercial Lucar, known for its extensive sales network and logistical prowess in Brazil’s vast landscape, positions Lucas Oil favorably in this new venture.

Shane Burns, vice president of Sales at Lucas Oil, expressed confidence in the partnership. “Lucar’s sales expertise and logistical capabilities in Brazil are unparalleled. This expansion is a significant opportunity for Lucas Oil. Our premium automotive solutions are well-suited to enhance the performance and longevity of Brazilian vehicles, offering cost savings to consumers.”

Beginning in November, Brazilian consumers will have access to select Lucas Oil products at automotive retailers nationwide. The partnership also includes collaboration with smaller auto parts stores, ensuring widespread availability. The initial offerings will feature Lucas Oil’s renowned products like Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, Fuel Treatment, Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner, Transmission Fix, Octane Booster, Diesel Deep Clean, and Engine Oil Stop Leak.