Motul elevates Thailand entity to a full business division
Photo courtesy of Motul

Motul elevates Thailand entity to a full business division

Motul Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. (Motul APAC) last week announced in a press conference that Motul Thailand is now a full business division, with full responsibility for sales and marketing of lubricants within Thailand, instead of these functions being done through Motul APAC.}

Previously, Motul had an external party who handled the importation and distribution of Motul products in Thailand. As the business grew, Motul Asia Pacific decided to open a subsidiary, Motul Thailand, as it continued to consolidate and expand its operations in the country. }

The French lubricant brand has experienced rapid growth in Southeast Asia, with Thailand being a key region for several years for most of its flagship products. }

Early this year, Motul Asia Pacific inaugurated a new, state-of-the-art regional warehouse, the Motul Asia Hub, located at the Pacific Logistics Centre (PLG) at Singapore’s brand new Tuas Mega Port. }

Under the leadership of General Manager Pedro Rocha, Motul Thailand has been at the forefront of the brand’s in the Asian markets in recent decades. As it evolves from a distribution center to a business unit with multiple divisions, Motul Thailand is confident that it would reach its customers in unique and exciting ways through better market positioning and greater availability of new products.

Thailand is a unique market for lubricants given the extreme weather conditions and high price sensitivity. This is especially challenging for Motul with a “premium affordable” price positioning for most of its products. The new business unit is set to focus on tapping into this market with new partners and a streamlined distribution network in order to optimize its logistical and consumer reach. It is interesting to note that the lubricant industry in Thailand was not severely affected by the pandemic as compared to other industries and it shows signs of continued expansion in the coming years. Motul foresees this growth potential and is doing everything to ensure the Asian market is catered to successfully.

During the event on September 20, 2022, Motul also outlined its product roadmap, to bring its newest products to the local customers in a more efficient manner. These products include the MS-A by Motul, Motul Hybrid Range and Motul 8100 Power, all of which were launched in 2022. Special focus is being placed on the passenger car motor oil (PCMO) and motorcycle oil (MCO) range of Motul lubricants.