PTT Philippines offers lubricant products at three online shopping sites

PTT Philippines has made its lubricant products available online by partnering with e-commerce company Lazada and two other shopping sites. The Thailand-based company’s fuel retail network in the Philippine archipelago is only about 100, which is concentrated in the island of Luzon in northern Philippines and in the province of Cebu in southern Philippines. In comparison, market leader Petron Corp. has 1,900 service stations throughout the country. Thus, PTT’s online alliances will help the company broaden its reach, at least for its lubricants products, in this geographically challenging market comprised of more than 7,000 islands.

PTT Philippines, which has been operating in the country for two decades, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Thailand’s largest oil and gas company, PTT Public Company Limited (PTTPLC). PTT Philippines’ primary business is marketing refined petroleum products and lubricants to three major segments – retail, wholesale and commercial markets.

“We see e-commerce as one of the most efficient ways to bring products to the public, particularly to our target market, given the convenience nowadays of shopping online,” said PTT Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer Sukanya Seriyothin.

Marketing Director Thitiroj Rergsumran said the PTT Lubricants that are available online include Dynamic Synthetic and Non-Synthetic and the Super Commonrail for diesel engines; the Performa RD2, the Performa Racing Synthetic and Super Synthetic for gasoline engines; and the Challenger Synthetic 4T, 4T-AT, Synthetic 2T, and Hi-Speed 4T for motorcycles. PTT brake fluids and flushing oils are also available through the online site of the Singapore-based Lazada Group.

Apart from Lazada, PTT’s lubricant products are also available at two other online shopping sites – the and, said PTT Philippines’ Director for Commercial Fuel and Lubricants Vittaya Viboonterawud. While both and Lazada carry the same product lines, only the PTT Challenger product line is available at