Toyota, Idemitsu join forces for solid-state battery production
Photo courtesy of Toyota

Toyota, Idemitsu join forces for solid-state battery production

Toyota Motor Corporation and Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. have announced a strategic partnership aimed at advancing the mass production of all-solid-state batteries for electric vehicles (EVs). This collaboration underscores a shared commitment to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral society.

The alliance focuses on the development of solid electrolytes and the establishment of a robust supply chain to facilitate the mass production of these innovative batteries. Both companies are pooling their expertise to overcome technical challenges and aim to commercialise all-solid-state batteries by 2027-28.

Toyota, a global leader in automobile manufacturing, and Idemitsu, renowned for its advancements in energy and materials, are concentrating their efforts on sulfide solid electrolytes. These materials are pivotal in enhancing the capacity and output of batteries for electric vehicles, marking a significant step forward in EV technology.

The collaboration is structured in phases, with the initial focus on developing enhanced sulfide solid electrolytes and preparing for the launch of a large pilot facility. The synergy between Toyota’s engineering prowess and Idemitsu’s material manufacturing capabilities is expected to yield breakthroughs in battery performance and efficiency.

As the partnership progresses, the large pilot facility will play a crucial role in refining mass production techniques and technologies. Toyota is also dedicated to the development of EVs equipped with all-solid-state batteries, heralding a new era of efficient, high-performance electric mobility.

The final phase will evaluate the outcomes of the pilot project and lay the groundwork for full-scale mass production and commercialisation. Both Toyota and Idemitsu are optimistic about the potential impact of their collaboration on the global EV market and the broader push towards carbon neutrality.