Vertex Energy launches updated brand identity

Vertex Energy launches updated brand identity

Vertex Energy, Inc., a leading specialty refiner and marketer of high-quality refined products, has launched its updated brand identity and corporate website to reflect the transformation of the company’s refining capabilities, positioning them to become a leading regional supplier of renewable and conventional fuels.

“Vertex has been on the path to transformative change over the last several years,” said Ben Cowart, CEO of Vertex. “The recently acquired Mobile refinery is a significant milestone that fundamentally enhances our capabilities as a leader in the energy transition space through the addition of renewable fuels. We felt the brand needed to reflect this forward momentum as we embark on this pivotal shift from Vertex 1.0 to Vertex 2.0″.

To reinforce the concept of transition, the updated logo retained the visual equity of its previous mark while accommodating Vertex’s trajectory as a company in motion. The new logo features a kinetic, forward-path element represented as negative space inside the familiar ‘Vertex check’ as a deliberate symbol of our focus on transition. Colors have been altered slightly and heavy gradients removed to make the brand element more accessible across all mediums. Finally, the word ‘Energy’ has been dropped from the brand mark to streamline and simplify the look and feel while suggesting that Vertex more than just an energy company. First appearing in a soft launch to brand Vertex’s Mobile site upon transaction close, this logo will serve as the new brand mark for all Vertex businesses.

“Our goal was to develop something that honors our legacy while also making it clear that we are always innovating and evolving,” said Brandon Deitz, director of Communications and Marketing for Vertex. “Twenty years ago, Vertex was a logistical supplier of alternative feedstocks. Today we refine and market high-purity products that benefit engine and environmental performance across the Country. Looking back, Vertex has always been about generating momentum in the energy transition space. ‘Forward’ is a great way to succinctly capture and communicate who we’ve always been and where we’re headed.”

Future strategy

Vertex’s brand refresh initiative is intended to accomplish more than a visual change to how the company presents itself. This initiative seeks to lay the foundation for increased clarity and consistency in how the company positions and communicates with the market and its employees. In conjunction with the refreshed brand platform, the company is detailing key strategic initiatives and onboarding resources to increase internal capabilities and expertise and drive continued growth and visibility.

“Vertex is driven toward continuous improvement,” Cowart said. “In this current season of growth, we are diligently working on some of our internal processes to set the company up for continued success. I’m excited to lead this transition into Vertex 2.0, and I have faith in the incredible team that made us who we are today as we move forward into the future.”

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