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Zeller+Gmelin launches “skin compatible” metalworking fluids

Zeller+Gmelin launches "skin compatible" metalworking fluids
Photo courtesy of Zeller+Gmelin

Zeller+Gmelin, an independent lubricant company based in Eislingen, Germany, has introduced Zubora 77 series, the next health- and  environment-friendly high-performance lubricants for metal cutting. Last year, Zeller+Gmelin announced that it would  consistently remove water-miscible cooling lubricants and/or metalworking fluids (MWF) containing boric acid  from its product range. 

The new boron-free, semi-synthetic, water-miscible high-performance cooling  lubricants of the Zubora 77 series make an important contribution to health and safety in  metal cutting. The formulation of the new Zubora products not only does without boron, formaldehyde  releasers and monoethanolamine (MEA), but also without ingredients which, according to  current knowledge, have an increased sensitising potential, such as abietic acid and rosin. 

“Skin compatibility” was a main criterion in the development of this product line, the company said. With special additives, the metalworking fluids were formulated to meet the growing  requirements in the area of occupational safety and health protection. The resulting good skin  compatibility has been proven by dermatological tests. 

Water-miscible cooling lubricants without  boric acid are by no means a contradiction to maximum machining performance with  long service lives, the company said.

An innovative formulation makes the cooling lubricants particularly stable over the long term  and measurably extends tool life. In addition, highly effective additives make the new lubricants  process-safe even in the most difficult machining processes — even with small component  geometries and diameters and high walking speeds. And the good flushing properties of the  Zubora lubricants also support chip removal and thus ensure more machine cleanliness and  increased process reliability. 

With a growing portfolio of boric acid-free alternatives, Zeller+Gmelin emphasised its commitment to health protection and  sustainability. Its product development laboratory in Eislingen is constantly working on increasing the  share of sustainable, resource-saving and, above all, health- and environment-friendly lubricants.