Zero partners with Rolls-Royce to advance synthetic fuels
Photo courtesy of Rolls-Royce

Zero partners with Rolls-Royce to advance synthetic fuels

Zero has inked a significant agreement with engineering powerhouse Rolls-Royce, marking a pivotal step in the evolution of synthetic, fossil-free fuels. This collaboration underscores the escalating interest and investment in synthetic fuels as viable alternatives to traditional fossil fuels.

Under this partnership, Zero and Rolls-Royce will work hand-in-hand to test Zero’s synthetic fuels across a spectrum of Rolls-Royce engines, spanning aviation, marine, and defense sectors. The comprehensive testing will encompass Zero’s full suite of synthetic gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. Data from these tests will be instrumental in validating the fuels’ efficacy and compliance with international fuel certification standards, marking a significant stride towards reducing carbon emissions.

Founded by Formula One technical expert Paddy Lowe just over three years ago, Zero has been a trailblazer in the synthetic fuel landscape. The company clinched the Guinness World Records title for powering the first aircraft with synthetic fuel in 2021 and inaugurated Plant Zero.1, the world’s inaugural fully-equipped synthetic fuel facility, earlier this year.

Lowe expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasising the critical need for rapid development and adoption of fossil fuel substitutes to address the escalating environmental challenges. Zero’s partnership with Rolls-Royce, a renowned innovator in engineering, is poised to catalyse this energy transition.

Rolls-Royce’s Senior Vice President of UK Defence, Dave Gordon, echoed Lowe’s sentiments. He highlighted the integral role of synthetic fuel in advancing gas turbine technology and supporting national defense capabilities. Gordon commended Zero for its innovative strides in the synthetic fuel sector and expressed confidence in the continued growth and innovation resulting from this partnership.

Zero’s synthetic fuels, produced from air and water through the proprietary Direct FT process, are compatible with existing engines and scalable to meet global demand. Unlike bio- and waste-based sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs), Zero’s synthetic fuels offer an unlimited scale of production. The company anticipates that synthetic fuels will reach cost parity with fossil fuels within the next decade, marking a significant milestone in the global shift towards sustainable energy.