Ampol to deliver EV fast charging solutions in New South Wales
Photo courtesy of Ampol

Ampol to deliver EV fast charging solutions in New South Wales

Ampol has entered into a funding agreement with the New South Wales (NSW) Government through the Drive Electric Program to deliver electric vehicle (EV) fast charging infrastructure throughout NSW in Australia.

Ampol will deliver more than 110 fast charging bays at 19 AmpCharge sites, with a minimum of four charging bays and several sites to have up to 10 charging bays to act as hub sites for EV drivers. The infrastructure will be located at existing Ampol forecourts on key commuter routes, along with new destination charging sites at major retail precincts. The infrastructure will be built throughout Greater Sydney and regional NSW, with the NSW Government providing AUD9 million (USD5.7 million) in co-funding to support Ampol’s investment.

The announcement continues momentum on the roll out of AmpCharge as the company looks to establish the leading EV charging network in Australia by 2030.

“Our AmpCharge network continues to grow, and this new program of work will allow us to expand beyond our forecourts to include at-destination charging at shopping centres. We are also diversifying our forecourt charging offer by building our first charging hubs at high-traffic locations. These hubs will provide customers with a highly accessible and reliable charge solution along key highways, including at our M4 Eastern Creek service centre, where we plan to install up to 10 bays,” said Matt Halliday, managing director and CEO.

Ampol has committed to deliver a comprehensive AmpCharge network that can help to minimise range anxiety and support the uptake of battery EVs. To establish this network, Ampol is providing customers with charging solutions on the road and at destinations, with plans to deliver home charging solutions as part of a broader home energy offer. By leveraging its existing infrastructure, expertise, and customer relationships, Ampol is helping to ensure Australians can charge wherever and whenever they need.

“We’ve been keeping Australians moving for over 100 years and our AmpCharge network will help ensure this continues. We are translating our market leading position in transport fuels to develop a strong position in energy by transitioning with our customers to meet their future energy needs.”

Ampol expects to commence detailed design work on these AmpCharge sites early in 2023. At each location Ampol will install fast charging units which will provide up to 150kW of charge per bay and have the capacity to charge two EVs concurrently. Some of these sites will include a ‘behind the meter’ solar and battery system, with Ampol trialling these systems and intending to use the renewable energy generated by these solar panels to support the EV chargers. In addition, the energy used by these AmpCharge EV chargers will be 100% offset by Large Scale Generation Certificates.