Arteco launches new Coolant Sample Analysis Service
Photo courtesy of Arteco

Arteco launches new Coolant Sample Analysis Service

Arteco launched its new Coolant Sample Analysis Service, a new service enabling customers to quickly and accurately evaluate samples  of coolants used in their applications. This service provides customers with an efficient  and cost-effective way to monitor and maintain their coolant systems. 

Arteco’s Coolant Analysis Service offers different packages to cater to various  customer needs. Ranging from general quality assessment of the coolant in use, to  providing insights into the coolant’s performance with respect to the engine or  installation, to a full interpretation of the entire system. The comprehensive  reporting includes a detailed breakdown of all the analysis performed and an expert  interpretation of the overall condition of the coolant, along with the recommended  corrective actions. 

“We are thrilled to introduce this new initiative to our valued customers. At Arteco, we  are committed to delivering advanced innovative solutions that enable our clients to  achieve optimal performance. This new service is part of our dedicated effort in offering  ‘Coolant Monitoring as a Service’. We look forward to continuing our support to our  customers in their journey towards efficient and sustainable system operations.” says  Alexandre Moireau, general manager, Arteco.  

With the launch of this new Coolant Sample Analysis Service, Arteco empowers  customers to take control of their coolant systems and detect any potential issues  before they escalate into serious problems.

Moreover, customers can use the data to optimise system efficiency, increasing  productivity and plan preventive maintenance schedules, reducing downtime and  improving system reliability. 

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