BASF inaugurates new production plant for specialty amines in Nanjing, China

BASF has inaugurated its new plant for the production of specialty amines at its existing wholly owned site in the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park in Nanjing, China. The new plant complements existing facilities in Germany and the U.S.

“This new production plant improves our flexibility to better and quickly serve our customers by ensuring a stable supply in the Asia Pacific region, and at the same time strengthens our global network with regional manufacturing footprint here,” said Narayan Krishnamohan, senior vice president, BASF Intermediates Asia Pacific.

Dimethylaminopropylamine (DMAPA) is mainly consumed in the production of betaines, which are used as co-surfactants in personal care products like shampoo and body wash. DMAPA is also used in various other applications including dye-stuff intermediates, lubricant additives, electroplating, coupling agents for rubber and others.

Polyetheramines (PEA) is an intermediate chemical for epoxy curing agents used in the production of plastics, polyurea coatings, adhesives, reaction injection moulding and wind blade composites. BASF offers polyetheramines under its Baxxodur® brand.

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