BASF unveils next-generation aftermarket fuel additives in Beijing

BASF has unveiled the next generation of KuaiLePao fuel additives that can help reduce emissions and improve fuel economy in Beijing on Sept 18.

Available in the Chinese aftermarket, at car body shops and in online stores, KuaiLePao comes with a new bottle design. KuaiLePao is one of a few BASF aftermarket products.

“For 150 years, BASF has continuously pursued innovations that contribute to sustainability. KuaiLePao manifests exactly that spirit—a proprietary and effective product developed by BASF that improves fuel economy in cars for drivers,” said BG Ooi, vice president, Fuel and Lubricant Solutions Asia Pacific, BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Ltd.

BASF has been promoting greater consumer awareness of fuel additives in China, to help tackle deteriorating air quality resulting partially from vehicle exhaust emissions.

According to the latest findings from the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), around 31% of Beijing’s smog is a result of vehicle emissions. There are more than 5.3 million vehicles on the road in Beijing as of the end of 2014, around 3 million of which are passenger cars.

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