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Caltex Singapore launches Asia’s first BikeSpa

Caltex Singapore has launched the first BikeSpa in Asia at Caltex’s Jalan Bukit Merah service station. A fully automated motorbike wash system for motorcycles and scooters, Bike Spa cleans in just minutes and is suitable for motorbikes of all shapes and sizes.

A pioneer in the development of automated solutions for cleaning motorcycles, BikeSpa’s flagship product is an all-in-one automated machine that vastly improves the end-to-end cleaning process for motorbikes. Its revolutionary technology boasts of a high-powered washing system that sprays water and detergent at a measured pressure to deliver a robust and efficient cleaning process, while using less power and water. In addition, the environmentally friendly system features a wastewater collector that prevents unwanted materials from leaking out.

Speaking at the launch of BikeSpa at Caltex Jalan Bukit Merah, John Sam, Chevron’s marketing support manager for Singapore, said that the new facility was about providing value-added services that meet a unique Caltex neighborhood need.

“Caltex Singapore is constantly on the lookout for innovative services that enhance customer experience, and help our motorists get back on their journey quicker. Our partnership with Bike Spa responds to a niche motoring community need, and we are pleased to be the first service station in Asia to offer this service.”

“As passionate motorcyclists ourselves, we understand the challenges in finding a place to wash our bikes, and getting the job done right. Our partnership with the trusted Caltex brand was a strategic decision to offer easy access and cost-effective solutions to motorcyclists, regardless of their ride’s model or size. We hope that Caltex Jalan Bukit Merah will kick-off BikeSpa’s expanded presence across Singapore,” said Mark Pereira, owner and co-founder of The Motorbike Barn Pte. Ltd., operator of the local BikeSpa service.

Services at BikeSpa range from a simple water-wash to a full service including wax, with costs starting from SGD6 (USD4.39).

Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd markets the Caltex retail brand in Singapore. Caltex recently launched its best petrol yet, with the introduction of an improved additive package – Techron® with Clean & Glide technology. The new formulation is available across all petrol grades, supporting a more reliable motoring experience through enhanced engine protection, improved fuel economy and maximized power with continued use.