Chevron enhances Group II base oil availability in Australia
Photo courtesy of Chevron Base Oils

Chevron enhances Group II base oil availability in Australia

Chevron Products Company, a division of Chevron U.S.A Inc. announced that it has signed a base oil distribution agreement with Hilditch Pty, a privately owned international trading business headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, effective 1 October. Hilditch was selected because of their in-depth market experience backed by a full range of logistics and technical support services. In-region availability of Chevron premium base oils, supported by Hilditch’s consulting services, will help lubricant manufacturers optimise formulations that meet the latest ACEA, API and OEM specifications, as well as provide the opportunity to blend industrial lubricants with longer oil life and lower additive treat rates.

In 2010, Chevron became the first base oil supplier to establish a dedicated Group II base oil hub in Australia. Since then, reliable supply of Group II base oils has given Australian lubricant blenders the opportunity to optimise formulations for existing specifications while honing supply chain economics and formulating strategies when transitioning to tightening specifications.

Founded in 1964, Hilditch’s steady growth in the chemical and petroleum industries has been earmarked by its professionalism, rapid response to customer needs and attention to detail. It is currently a significant importer and marketer of base oils in Australia. Its base oil sales network is supported by strong customer support including storage, quality control, logistics and in-region technical support. As an added value to its customers, Hilditch is in the forefront of changes in technology and specifications so its clients can profitably grow and evolve with the market.

‘Hilditch’s commitment to service, a robust customer support structure and alignment with Chevron’s operational excellence values make them an ideal distributor for us in Australia. We are particularly impressed by Hilditch’s strong import, supply chain, and bulk storage capabilities, as well as their technical expertise.” said Tracey Gardiner, vice president, Chevron Base Oils. “They understand the market’s needs, and, with Chevron Group II base oils in tank, they have a leg up in helping customers optimise formulations, while shortening their supply chain. Plus, with Chevron’s extensive portfolio of qualifications Hilditch’s clients will be able to substantially reduce qualification costs for new specifications.”

Initially, Hilditch will keep in their inventory Chevron Neutral Oils 150R and 600R in Port Kembla, New South Wales, which is conveniently located for many lubricant blenders. As demand warrants, Chevron’s 100R and 220R will be added as well.

“We are very excited to represent Chevron premium Group II base oils. With them, we offer lubricant blenders the opportunity to upgrade their current portfolio of lubricant products and improve their logistics,” said Patrick Hilditch, managing director. “We are committed to helping customers leverage the benefits that Chevron Group II base oils can bring to their supply chain economics and formulating strategies.”

Chevron’s growing Group II presence in Australia will enhance formulating flexibility for the region’s marketers of premium lubricants. “Chevron’s extensive qualifications portfolio coupled with Hilditch’s in-region knowledge and services backed up by Chevron’s marketing and technical support can help formulators seamlessly integrate Chevron Group II base oils into their supply chain,” said Thomas Carroll, sales executive, Hilditch.

Hilditch joins Chevron’s strategically located base oil supply network. With 16 hubs worldwide, and three plants producing fungible base oils, Chevron’s global slate ensures supply reliability worldwide.