August 07, 2020

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Chevron Lubricants launches advance synthetic industrial gear oil in Asia-Pacific
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Photo courtesy of Chevron Lubricants

Chevron Lubricants has launched Caltex Meropa EliteSyn XM™ Series, an improved formula of synthetic industrial gear oils for the Asia-Pacific region. The Caltex Meropa EliteSyn XM range of industrial gear oil is especially targeted at the mining, construction and manufacturing segments to lubricate gear boxes that operate under severe loads at elevated temperatures.

Heavy loads and high temperatures can reduce oil film thickness causing surface asperities to rub against each other, ultimately resulting in micropitting. Micropitting is a serious form of erosive wear, which can occur on the teeth of transmission gears, damaging the induction hardened surface layer, resulting in increased vibration, noise and gear misalignments.

Micropits can worsen through hydrofracturing, leading to macropits, cracks and gear failure, resulting in prolonged downtime. Caltex Meropa EliteSyn XM™ is formulated using a unique additive technology and synthetic base oils, providing maximum protection against micropitting, minimize wear rates and maintain the efficient transfer of power. Its effective oxidation stability provides additional protection to gears and bearings. This helps to reduce vibration and improve operations efficiency.

Caltex Meropa EliteSyn XM™ is approved by several leading gearbox manufacturers of industrial and marine geared and non-geared systems including Siemens Flender, Sumitomo Hansen and can meet the performance requirements of Hitachi AC Final Drive on mining haul trucks, GE OHV motorized wheel gearbox specification D50E35, David Brown Gear Systems and several leading industry OEMs.

The range is available in ISO 150 through ISO 680 viscosities across all major markets in Asia-Pacific region. It is sold in drums and pail pack sizes to meet the requirements of large industrial units and small- to medium-sized enterprises.

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