Croda launches range of non-sheening base fluids
Photo courtesy of Croda

Croda launches range of non-sheening base fluids

Croda Energy Technologies announced the launch of their most recent environmentally acceptable product into the marine area. This new range of innovative base fluids enables the formulation of Ecolabel-compliant, and therefore VGP -compliant, lubricants without compromising on performance, even in the presence of water.ย 

Emkarox VG NS base fluids are available in ISO 100 and ISO 150 grades and possess the properties of a conventional base oil, but also have the unique ability to partition into water.

The fluids have excellent inherent hydrolytic stability, are non-emulsifiable and readily disperse in sea water at low concentrations without sheening โ€“ making them ideal for use in stern tubes. This density-temperature dependence gives rise to a unique and beneficial mode of action when Emkaroxย  VG NS is used in stern tube applications. When conventional stern tube oil is expelled into sea water, it will rest on the surface of the water and give rise to visible sheening. Conversely, Emkarox VG NS sinks and disperses in sea water, thus preventing this sheening effect.ย 

Formed from their four existing strong and innovative business areas within Croda, Energy Technologies integrates: Lubricants, Oil & Gas, Phase Change Materials, and Batteries and Catalysts. The Energy Technologies business mission is to provide leading technologies that address today’s issues and work in partnership with customersย to develop ever-more sustainable solutions for the future.

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