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Exol expands small pack production with additional investment

To meet increasing demand for small pack products, Exol Lubricants in the UK has invested in an additional six-head Adelphi Masterfil filling machine at its production facility in Wednesbury, enabling the UK’s largest independently-owned lubricants blender to offer even greater flexibility to customers.

Specialising in filling 1- and 5-litre containers, the additional filling line further develops the company’s versatile offering, handling both low and high viscosity lubricants including antifreeze and providing greater capacity for both small and large orders.

Offering 1,440 fills per hour, equating to 11,520 fills per eight-hour shift, the machine will enable Exol to produce an additional 2,800+ 5-litre boxes or more than 500 1-litre boxes every working day. In total, Exol’s Wednesbury facility can fill, pack and distribute more than 30,000 bottles every day.

The machine’s filling nozzles are programmed to dive slightly, to precisely fill into the neck of the container, which results in the best quality fill. It also enables the filling of products with variable speed filling capacity, ensuring the company manages workloads efficiently depending on current demand.

The pump and nozzle movements, together with the filling speeds, are pneumatically controlled, meaning that a precise custom filling ‘recipe’ can be saved, to optimise the fill for each different product.