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Top Tec 6600: Motor oil premier of LIQUI MOLY

November 2019 โ€“ A new motor oil with the latest BMW specification: The German oils and additives specialist LIQUI MOLY presents its Top Tec 6000 at the AAPEX and SEMA Show. โ€œThis will be the first time that a new oil for a German model has not been launched first in Germany,” says Sebastian Zelger, Director LIQUI MOLY USA.

LIQUI MOLY’s Top Tec 6600 0W-20 will carry the latest BMW approval Longlife-17 FE+. This type of oil is suitable for the latest gasoline engine BMWs with the exception of the M series. It will also carry the latest Mercedes approval MB 229.71 and meet the requirements for Volvo approval VCC RBS0-2AE and API SN Plus + RC. Sebastian Zelger: “Top Tec 6600 is a good choice for workshops that service the latest BMW and Mercedes models. They can use one oil for both brands.”

The BMW Longlife-17 FE+ approval is intended specifically to reduce the risk of LSPI. LSPI stands for low speed pre-ignition and means that the mixture ignites spontaneously in the combustion chamber at low speeds before the ignition spark. This can lead to motor knocking and therefore serious motor damage. This phenomenon is not entirely understood yet. But this risk can be reduced by using the right motor oil.

Up until now, there have been no BMW models which only require this type of oil with Longlife-17 FE+ and are not compatible with any other oil. Furthermore, this type of oil is not backwards compatible and must under no circumstances be used when an older Longlife standard is specified for use. โ€œThat is why we are not expecting to sell lots of Top Tec 6600 at the startโ€, explains Sebastian Zelger. โ€œBut again, we are at the apex of this development.โ€

The Top Tec range is LIQUI MOLYโ€™s most high-performance motor oils which meet a wide spectrum of specifications. With the 0W-20 viscosity, Top Tec 6600 is following the trend of the automotive industry to increasingly lower viscosity oils, designed to save on fuel and reduce emissions. The lower the oil viscosity, the less power the engine has to use to pump the oil. The challenge is to ensure that the engine is lubricated even under extreme loads. โ€œTop Tec 6600 is outstanding at achieving thisโ€, comments Sebastian Zelger.