GP Global to produce Cepsa’s marine lubricants in India

GP Global Energy Private Limited (GPGEPL), which is part of UAE-based global conglomerate GP Global, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Cepsa, the integrated Spanish oil major, to produce and market Cepsa’s marine and power generation lubricants in India.

Under the agreement, GP Global will manufacture, blend, package as well as import Cepsa branded lubricant products in India.

“In recent years, India has experienced huge growth in ports modernization and coastal shipping development programs, which have been supported by our government. The partnership with Cepsa reinforces GP Global’s contribution towards the ‘Make in India’ initiative. With these developments, we have seen a renewed vibrancy in our industry, which has resurged growth once more. Cepsa is a well reputed international brand and will be a good fit for our portfolio.” said M. Prabakaran, global head of terminals & country head, GP Global Group, India.

“This partnership will strengthen Cepsa’s international brand and the expansion of our lubricant business, this will be the first time our lubricants will be produced outside our plants in Spain, as the facility in Mumbai has been the first approved by us after a rigorous and successful audit process. GP Global complies with our highest standards requirements, occupies a strong position in the Indian maritime industry, and has in-depth know-how of the lubricant and bunkering businesses,” said Álvaro Díaz Bild, vice president – marketing, Cepsa.

“Cepsa marine and power generation lubricants, as well as the wide Cepsa’s lubricants portfolio, are currently exported from Spain to different countries. The partnership with GP Global will provide the necessary framework to enter into the Indian market as the company has wide experience in the marine market, especially in bunkering,” said Carlos Giner, director of lubricants, base oils and paraffin waxes, Cepsa.

This partnership will also strengthen the in-house R&D facilities at GP Global and develop technologically advanced products in India. The product range includes Cylinder Oils, System Oils, Trunk Piston Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oil, Gear oils, Greases and other specialty lubricants required by the industry. Cepsa marine range of products include Cepsa Larus, Gavia, Ciconia and Petrel lubricants, among others.

Cepsa is a global energy company with integrated operations across the entire hydrocarbon value chain, manufactures raw materials for the chemicals industry from natural sources, and has a renewables business. Cepsa has a diversified portfolio of lubricants, base oils and paraffin waxes, which it has marketed in more than 80 countries since 1950 with a specialised sales team. It has two specialised lubricants plants in Spain, in San Roque (Cadiz) and Paterna (Valencia), which also produces coolants.

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