Japan’s ENEOS launches Racing Series motor oil In North America

ENEOS, a division of Japan’s JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy, announced the launch of its racing series motor oil in North America, a new line of motor oil aimed specifically at weekend and professional racers.

The Racing Series features two product lines: Pro and Street. Each has different properties but, most importantly, the Street product is API-approved for road cars, yet will still offer great protection at higher temperatures for longer periods.

Racing Street products were formulated with a high-quality base oil and an optimum mix of additives such as Mo-DTC and ZDDP to provide high power and rotation rates. They offer outstanding oil film retention, oxidation stability and anti-wear properties, especially under high temperatures and pressures.

ENEOS Racing Street is available in two viscosity grades. The 0W-20 viscosity grade uses Group III+ base oil, which is particularly suited to cold starts in colder temperatures, yet will also protect during multiple hot starts at the track.

ENEOS Racing Street 0W-50 uses 100% polyalphaolefin (PAO), which gives the product incredibly high performance, with fast start-up and superior engine component protection.

ENEOS Racing Street is suitable for every type of motorsport, including drift, stock car, rally, autocross, time attack, etc.

Racing Pro was formulated to provide relentless performance for serious professionals, developed for extreme racing conditions. It provides oxidation and temperature stability, while preventing sludge build-up.

ENEOS Racing Pro is available in two viscosity grades. With 10W-50, the 50:50 ester mix provides exceptional wear protection, extra horsepower, and further anti-oxidation stability than other leading racing oils.

ENEOS Racing Pro 0W-20 uses ultra-low viscosity oil as its base oil. The MoDTC and ZDDP additives are then combined to reduce friction between metal components. It will be released this summer.

ENEOS Racing Pro is suggested for use in GT racing, drift, sprint, stock car, rally, formula racers and drag racing, among other applications.

The ENEOS Racing Series is available from select retailers and distributors. A growing list of outlets can be found under Where to Buy ENEOS on the eneos.us website.

Workshops interested in carrying ENEOS Racing Series can visit eneos.us/eneos-garage.

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