Kixx introduces eco-friendly chainsaw oil with high-performance standards
Photo courtesy of Kixx

Kixx introduces eco-friendly chainsaw oil with high-performance standards

Kixx, a lubricant brand owned by South Korea’s GS Caltex, has launched an innovative product, Kixx Chain BIO. This fully synthetic, biodegradable chainsaw oil is designed to not only reduce environmental impact but also to enhance performance, catering to the needs of professionals in the forestry sector.

Traditionally, chainsaw oils play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operation, safeguarding components like the guide bar, rivets, and tie straps from wear. However, these oils operate on a ‘total-loss oiling system,’ meaning a significant portion of the lubricant ends up on the ground. Conventional petroleum-based oils, when released, pose environmental hazards as they seep into the soil. This issue has been a longstanding concern for the forestry industry.

Recognising the environmental implications, the forestry sector has been on the lookout for sustainable lubricant alternatives. Kixx Chain BIO is Kixx’s answer to this challenge. Comprising 98% bio-based carbon, this biodegradable chainsaw oil showcases reduced ecotoxicity and bioaccumulation levels. Its proven biodegradability ensures it naturally decomposes through sunlight, moisture, and soil microorganisms, minimising both short-term and long-term environmental harm.

Adding to its eco-credentials, Kixx Chain BIO has secured approval from the EU Ecolabel, a prestigious certification from the European Union that acknowledges products with minimal environmental impact and reduced hazardous content.

But Kixx hasn’t compromised on performance. The oil has successfully passed stringent tests conducted by the German Centre for Forest Work and Technology (KWF). It effectively reduces chain stretching, enhances stability, and prolongs the lifespan of guide bars and chains. Notably, Kixx Chain BIO performs exceptionally well in low temperatures, ensuring smooth operation even in challenging winter conditions, according to GS Caltex. This translates to reduced chainsaw downtime and overall cost savings for users.

Kixx’s commitment extends beyond merely enhancing chainsaw performance. The company is dedicated to pioneering sustainable solutions across industries, pushing the envelope of performance while ensuring minimal environmental impact.