June 03, 2020

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Latest Setaflash Series 3 Flash Point Tester from Stanhope-Seta features innovative design
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Photo courtesy of Stanhopeseta

Fuels are formulated to ensure that engine performance is optimized and flash point is a key parameter for these properties and mandated in all fuel specifications.

For transportation the flammability level must be known so that the appropriate safety precautions are taken when handling fuels, testing flash point establishes the flammability hazard level. Many times the same pipeline or tanker is utilized to transfer different types of fuels. Some fuels, such as gasoline, are much more flammable than kerosene or diesel fuel and there exists the potential for more flammable material to mix during transport. Flash point is the measurement used to determine if the shipment has somehow been mixed with another fuel.

The new Series 3 ActiveCool from Stanhope-Seta is the latest in the range of Setaflash instruments, designed to rapidly and efficiently carry out Flash/No Flash tests to determine the flash point of liquids and semi-solids in the 10 to 135◦C temperature range. The Series 3 ActiveCool sample cup is heated and cooled by peltier cells, this combined with requiring just 2ml of sample to complete a test means the target temperature is reached quickly, typically within one to two minutes and rapid temperature normalisation is achieved between tests. Many traditional flash point tests require a much larger volume of sample (typically 70-80ml) and also take 30 minutes or longer to perform.

The Setaflash instrument is a simple and cost-effective test that can be undertaken on-site with minimum operator skill. Results ensure that a product complies with transport safety regulations and small sample volume reduces the wastage costs of testing for flash point.

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