Mobil introduces new oil change system for motorcycles at 10 outlets in Brazil

At the Salão Moto Brasil 2016 held at Rio Centro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from Jan. 28-31, one of the main attractions at the Mobil stand was the presentation on “Troca Inteligente” or “Intelligent Oil Change.” The event is one of the motorcycle segment’s largest in Brazil and brings together about 80 exhibitors and 120 brands to present product launches, new technologies, etc. for motorcycle lovers.

Starting this month, Mobil will start selling motorcycle oils through Inmetro certified pumps in 10 service stations in Rio de Janeiro. With this new system “Troca Inteligente,” customers can save 10% since they only pay for the amount of oil they consume.

In addition to the advantages of reducing the amount of packaging, as well as the potential for inappropriate used oil disposal, the major difference of this system is the guarantee that the same quality and high technology in Mobil-packaged lubricants from the factory to the vehicle engine is delivered sustainably.

The new system uses mini tanks and supplies the oil product directly to the sump. There is a supply pump inside the mini tank with a digital meter certified by Inmetro, exclusive filters and a transparent viewing window that enables consumers to see the oil being added to their vehicle’s crankshaft. As the tanks are sealed, the consumer has the assurance that the oil has not been adulterated.

In Brazil, the Mobil brand is licensed to Cosan Lubricants. Cosan Lubricants operates a lube blending plant (pictured above) in Iiha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro, producing 160 million litres of lubricants per year destined not only for the domestic market but also for Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay.

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