Motul upgrades its 8100 Eco-Lite 5W-30 motor oil formulation

French lubricant manufacturer and marketer Motul has reformulated its 8100 Eco-Lite 5W-30 engine oil for the latest generation of downsized petrol engines which are sensitive to abnormal and sudden combustion incidents.

Motul’s 8100 Eco-Lite 5W-30 motor oil has been reformulated to meet the requirements of General Motors’ second generation dexos1™ motor oil specification (dexos1™ Gen 2) in order to:

– Combat the phenomenon of low speed pre-ignition (LSPI)

– Reduce fuel consumption

– Reduce vehicle emissions

The second generation dexos1™ motor oil specification was issued by General Motors in 2015 to provide better vehicle performance as well as LSPI protection, particularly for small displacement turbocharged engines. The dexos® specification is uniquely designed to complement the exacting requirements of GM’s advanced engine technology. The specification requires a number of proprietary tests that are not included in current industry standards and sets performance criteria at a level that exceeds many current standards.  The dexos® specification and trademark are exclusive to General Motors, LLC.