December 01, 2020

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Neste to start using wind power at its production sites in Finland

Neste to start using wind power at its production sites in Finland

Finland’s Neste Corporation said it will start using wind power at its production sides in the country. Neste, the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel fuel, emphasized its commitment to lower its carbon footprint in production, ahead of the EU’s climate and energy targets. One concrete example is its new long-term agreement on wind power with a leading clean-energy company Fortum.

Neste will purchase approximately 70% of production at the Kalax wind farm, currently under construction in Närpes, Ostrobothnia, with a 12-year contract. The total capacity of the agreement is more than 60 MW, and the energy produced will correspond to around 20% of the electricity consumption at the Neste Porvoo and Naantali sites. The wind power deliveries are expected to begin in early 2021.

Wind power does not generate emissions to air, land or water. The shift to wind power will reduce the indirect carbon dioxide emissions of electricity purchases at Neste’s production sites annually by approximately 40 kilotons.

“We are in the business of reducing emissions and accelerating circularity in society. As part of our strategy, we have set two ambitious climate targets. In addition to offering renewable and circular solutions to our customers, we are also committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our own production. Investments in renewable energy are one part of this. We have been collaborating with Fortum for years and this first wind power agreement will only deepen our partnership,” says Neste President and CEO Peter Vanacker.

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