News roundup: Caltex, Shell Lubricants, Amsoil, Champion, HyperDrive
Photo courtesy of Chevron

News roundup: Caltex, Shell Lubricants, Amsoil, Champion, HyperDrive

Caltex Havoline updates motorcycle engine oils in Philippines

Caltex Havoline, under Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), has updated its motorcycle engine oils for optimised performance and smoother operations.

The latest Havoline Super 4T and SuperMatic 4T four-stroke motorcycle and scooter engine oils  now come with the upgraded CORE+ Technology.

The new lubricant product line for motorcycles and scooters are available as fully synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oil formulations, all engineered with Caltex Havoline’s signature CORE+ Technology, and ZOOMTECH.

Surpassing the previous formulation, the latest CORE+ Technology further tackles engine issues due to overheating, especially during heavy traffic. In addition, Chevron Philippines claims that the new motorcycle oils provide better cleaning properties, thereby enhancing vehicle performance while delivering a more enjoyable riding experience.

Shell Lubricants India partners with Hoopy for ‘contactless’ servicing of two-wheelers

Shell Lubricants India has partnered with Hoopy, a unique technology-driven business, to bring contactless, easily accessible and reliable two-wheeler doorstep servicing to India, the world’s largest two-wheeler market.

The concept arose out of the need to create a steady source of income for mechanics, who have been severely impacted by the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, while also providing a safe, contactless, and trustworthy service.

“During the thousands of virtual interactions that we have had with two-wheeler mechanics over the past few months, we realised that footfalls to their business and hence, their income itself has become very inconsistent. Many of them urged us to do something in this regard and this is an idea that stuck with us, an initiative to not just create better livelihood opportunities for them, but also to create greater self-reliance amongst them,” said Raman Ojha, country head, Shell Lubricants India.

The partnership between Shell Lubricants and Hoopy will focus on training and generating business for up to 5,000 mechanics, thus creating a community of empowered, self-sustaining mechanics equipped with the latest knowhow from experts in the automotive industry. The partnership and programme will also ensure a steady business flow for mechanics with the possibility of making 30-40% higher income than they would in garages.

“Our collaboration offers a convenient option to avail economical services on a technology-driven platform where they can make bookings, track service request journeys on a real-time basis, and pay on the app and website, hassle-free from the comfort of their homes,” Shell Lubricants said.

AMSOIL refreshes synthetic motor oil product line for Europe

AMSOIL Inc.. has introduced a refreshed synthetic European motor oil line to further meet the demands of modern European vehicles. The newly renamed AMSOIL 100% Synthetic European Motor Oil features new labels and two new products, SAE 0W-20 LS and SAE 0W-20 LS-VW, to meet the latest specifications from manufacturers like BMW and VW.

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Champion Brands now offers private-label OEM and aftermarket opportunities for wet dual-clutch transmission fluids

Champion Brands, LLC, located in Clinton, Missouri, U.S.A., announced that it is now offering private label opportunities for wet dual-clutch transmission fluids. Champion offers private label packaging capabilities from 2 oz. containers to rail car quantities.

Wet dual-clutch transmissions, in general, have multiple clutch plates and need a supply of specially formulated oils to lubricate and cool the components. This type of wet clutch has much higher torque inputs. The lubricating oil keeps surfaces clean and provides smoother performance and longer life.

In w-DCT applications, the lubricant is applied to dissipate the heat from the frictional surfaces in contact. The torque transmitting capacity is slightly reduced due to decreased coefficient of friction between the contact surfaces due to the presence of the specific lubricant.

This type of unique clutch fluid is located inside the engine casing and the noise level in a wet clutch is less when compared to dry clutch applications. Use of this specially formulated oil helps reduce noise. Additionally, the life cycle of a wet clutch application is often high when compared to that of dry clutch, and the maintenance requirements and cost of wet-clutch type transmission fluids are significantly lower.

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HyperDrive Lubricants invests in state-of-the-art tank farm

U.K.-based lubricants manufacturer HyperDrive Lubricants is making a significant investment at their manufacturing facility at Redditch.

HyperDrive Lubricants is an experienced and leading producer of the highest quality lubricants in the UK, operating an extensive laboratory facility based at their manufacturing site in Redditch. 

The company is investing GBP500,000 (USD667,416) to install a state-of-the-art tank farm, which will completely eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and will improve manufacturing quality and standards.

Since the business was acquired by Certas Energy on 30 November 2018 there has been almost half a million pounds additional investment in Redditch, providing a 150,000-litre storage capacity for finished lubricant products. This takes the production capacity of the business to the next level and brings further efficiencies to both operations and product quality.

The tank farm was designed by one of the UK’s leading fuel tank storage manufacturers for Certas Energy, who have previously installed tank farms at two of their facilities in the UK. The tank farms minimise contamination to a miniscule level, well within industry standards. Certas Energy has invested millions in creating unique facilities that completely eliminate the risk of cross contamination and allow them to store and supply lubricants in bulk across the UK.

“Thanks to dealing with several of the largest lubricant brands in the world, Certas has a quality control process like no other,” says Lee Burgess, director at HyperDrive. “Because the quality standards of manufacturers and producers are naturally extremely high, distribution deals don’t go ahead unless you have a proven track record. The most important part of Certas operations is the tank farm. The unique design and set-up of the tanks eliminates contamination, as well as having total control of the oil that goes into and out of the tanks with millilitre accuracy.”

This investment will ensure that the company is well-positioned to fulfil the future lubricant production needs of customers across a vast range of sectors.

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