October 23, 2020

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Chargifi helps employees get back to work safely with new touchless meeting room experience
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Chargifi for Rooms is the new touchless meeting room solution that provides employees with the confidence of a safe meeting room experience in a post-COVID workplace

SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON, July 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Chargifi, the leading provider of cloud-connected wireless charging technology, has launched a first of its kind touchless meeting room solution that helps employees feel more confident about returning to work and using collaborative workspaces. “Chargifi for Rooms” combines a light status indicator with touchless wireless charging that automatically triggers in-room experiences. The solution integrates with leading meeting room booking and scheduling software, to instantly check-in and start in-room experiences such as video conferencing in one seamless action.

Employees returning to the workplace can find and book clean and safe rooms when the green light-ring signifies that they are clean and available for use.
Employees returning to the workplace can find and book clean and safe rooms when the green light-ring signifies that they are clean and available for use.

One example is the Chargifi for Rooms integration with Envoy, a workplace platform provider focused on creating tools that make the workplace safer, without sacrificing a great experience or product adoption. Employees returning to the workplace can find and book clean and safe rooms when the green light-ring signifies that they are clean and available for use. Once they are in the meeting room, the employee can simply place their smartphone on a wireless charging spot to check-in or reserve the space. This action simultaneously launches a pre-booked video conference for a quick and efficient start to a meeting. For space planners, valuable data on room usage and occupancy is captured, which helps free up unused spaces improving availability.

“Chargifi takes the meeting room booking experience to a new level by connecting touchless check-in and wireless charging. It helps us create safe, touchless experiences for our customers and their employees as they plan their return to the workplace. The integration also captures space usage and occupancy data for workplace teams without having to add another device in the infrastructure,” said Matt Harris, Head of Workplace & Technology, Envoy, about the value of the joint solution for both employee and space planner.

The global pandemic has brought new challenges for space planners and has accelerated many trends that were already gaining traction, such as mobility, flexible working and how spaces can be used more seamlessly with less friction. Now, the emphasis is on reducing physical touch points and ensuring clear communication to employees about when spaces are clean and safe to use.

“Meetings need to be safe, touchless and more productive than ever before. Less room capacity due to social distancing will increase demand, and reliable occupancy data from touchless automatic check-in is key to increase the availability of clean and safe rooms. Companies that deploy touchless technology show their staff that they have taken appropriate steps to provide great spaces that don’t compromise safety,” commented Dan Bladen, CEO, Chargifi.

Chargifi for Rooms is available today, and is a full end to end meeting room solution when integrated with your favourite room scheduling and video conferencing software. The Chargifi LightRing will be available in Q3 2020.

Notes to editors:

  • Chargifi and Envoy are hosting a webinar on “How to enable a COVID-Safe touchless meeting experience” on Thursday 6th August at 9am PST / 5pm BST, to discuss the challenges faced by space planners, and how this unique solution can help employees confidence about returning to the workplace. Sign-up to the webinar at chargifi.com.
  • Getting started with Chargifi for Rooms + Envoy is made easy, get up to 10 FREE Envoy Rooms licences when you buy the Chargifi Starter packs.

About Chargifi

The future of the workplace is touchless experiences and dynamic work patterns. Experiences need to be safe, and work needs to be flexible. Where people go, power must follow.

Chargifi enables the scaling of smart convenient wireless power for today’s enterprise workplace, which goes way beyond simply charging your mobile device. Our solution enables safe, touchless experiences in spaces, while providing convenient power.

Chargifi space usage analytics help space planners get more from their spaces by helping to understand behaviors. This informs work patterns and cleaning schedules, so you can assure employees of their safety and wellbeing at work. Each touch point shows users interacting within spaces, which in turn drives workplace experience and efficiency in optimizing expensive real estate.

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