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Oriental Yuhong Obtains an Invention Patent in Singapore after One in the US

BEIJING, July 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Oriental Yuhong’s product – HDPE polymer waterproof coiled material – has recently obtained a patent (patent NO. 11201705060T) issued by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore. Last year, its product of the same series was granted a patent (patent NO. 11201705060T) by the IP Australia and a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (patent NO. US10487215).

Patent application

In 2019, Oriental Yuhong broke the European and American monopoly and participated in the construction of a subway in Singapore. The subway – ThomsonLine – is 30 kilometers long. In order to solve the problem of underground leakage, Oriental Yuhong provided a professional waterproof solution and adopted HDPE self-adhesive film waterproof coiled material for waterproof construction. Due to the regional requirements and protection of the product patent, Oriental Yuhong applied for a patent on its HDPE product in Singapore in advance. The high-performance, multi-material, multi-layer waterproof protection technology for underground waterproof protection with this patent as the core solves the bottleneck problem of water leakage of traditional waterproof protection technology, promotes the progress of underground waterproof protection technology, and enhances Oriental Yuhong’s international technological competitiveness. The technology won a class-II prize in the National Award for Scientific and Technological Progress in 2019.

The HDPE products are suitable for all kinds of underground waterproof projects. Projects at home and abroad over the past 30 years have showed that Oriental Yuhong’s HDPE polymer self-adhesive film waterproof coiled material and underground pre-laying anti-adhesive waterproof construction technology, which are suitable for most of the underground spaces – subways, tunnels, pipe corridors, nuclear power and other fields – have been used in projects like South-to-North Water Diversion, Liupanshui Underground Comprehensive Pipe Corridor, Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway and Beijing-Kaifeng Subway, and have been exported to the US, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other foreign countries, have been recognized by more and more customers. With 1 million square meters of waterproof materials sold internationally every year, Oriental Yuhong is getting more and more recognition and attention.

Oriental Yuhong always regards scientific and technological innovation as its core competitiveness and attaches great importance to intellectual property protection. It will also apply for patents on its HDPE products in other countries. As of July 1, the Group has totally had 957 valid patents (including 291 inventions, 553 utility models and 113 designs), and 12 PCT international applications.

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