Nyco introduces cost-effective alternative to TMP C8/C10 ester

Nyco, a manufacturer of synthetic esters and specialty lubricants for the aeronautics, defence and industry based in Paris, France, has introduced a new synthetic ester in response to the short supply and high cost issues brought about by increasing demand, and at the same time, limited availability of C8/C10 acid.

Nycobase® 9300 is a highly refined neopolyol ester, produced using Nyco’s stringent ester manufacturing processes, with a high level of purity, as demonstrated by the product’s very low acid and hydroxyl numbers.

The technical performance level of Nycobase® 9300 will be similar when replacing TMP C8/C10 ester, especially in industrial applications such as gear oils or automotive engine oils. Nyco said that reformulation is not required, other than switching from one ester to the other. The treat rate will be the same for Nycobase® 9300.

Nycobase® 9300 also has a high level of biodegradability as per OECD 310B.

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