Nynas introduces world’s first bio-based high-performance transformer fluid
Photo courtesy of Nynas

Nynas introduces world’s first bio-based high-performance transformer fluid

Nynas has launched the first product in its new bio-based range with the introduction of NYTRO® BIO 300X, completing its portfolio of high-performance transformer fluids.

“NYTRO BIO 300X is the result of years of intensive research. We are now able to offer a 100% renewable product with superior performance. No other product in the market has this today. It is a true innovation,” says Koen Kempeneer, global market manager, Electrical Industry at Nynas.

A key advantage of this new fluid is that it offers exceptionally good cooling thanks to its ultra-low viscosity. The transformer’s winding hot spot temperature can be significantly reduced. Initial studies show up to 10 degrees improvement compared to average mineral oils and around 20 degrees lower compared to ester liquids. There is a huge potential for thermal design optimization as well as improved over-loading capability, the company said.

According to Carl Wolmarans, technical advisor, Electrical Industry at Nynas, NYTRO BIO 300X is also the only product in the world that combines ready biodegradability with superior oxidation stability. Just like all the other Nynas products for the electrical industry, NYTRO BIO 300X is fully recyclable.

NYTRO BIO 300X meets and exceeds the IEC 60296 specifications.

This newest addition to Nynas’ portfolio allows transformer OEM’s and utilities more flexibility in selecting the best-suited fluid for a certain application.

Requirements on weight and size of transformers will be easier to meet with this new product, the company said.

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