Nynas launches product finder web app for naphthenic base oils

Nynas, a manufacturer of naphthenic oils for greases, industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids based in Stockholm, Sweden, has developed a new online product finder for base oils and refrigeration oils. The web app works on any device and will help customers easily find the oil that matches their needs.

“This is a great new tool for both our customers and salespeople,” says Herbert Fruhmann, market manager at Nynas.

Since the product finder is a web app, it does not need to be downloaded: users can visit http://productfinder.nynas.com on their smartphone or tablet.

“The product finder is easy to use,” says Fruhmann. “We used the desired viscosity value of the oil at 40° Celsius as the starting point. Users enter this information, and are then presented with the Nynas oils that match that value. They can also see additional information such as flash, aniline and pour points.”

Once users select an oil, they can either download a product or safety data sheet, or contact Nynas directly to discuss their specific needs.

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