Shell becomes Aggreko’s largest lubricants supplier in Russia, Asia-Pacific and Americas

Global leader in distributed energy services, Aggreko, has deepened its relationship with Shell Lubricants. This includes the extension of its existing lubricants agreement with Shell until at least 2020. Shell Lubricants is now Aggreko’s largest lubricants supplier and preferred choice in Russia, as well as the Asia Pacific, North American and Latin American regions.

This new contract extension means Shell Lubricants is also well positioned with its globally renowned brands – Shell Rimula, Shell Mysella & Shell Argina in the three core segments where Aggreko operates.

For Aggreko, it enables them to leverage economies of scale and maximise the value it offers to its customers.

Aggreko supplies tailored energy solutions to cater to the individual needs of its customers in diverse industries around the world. These customers range from governments and independent utility companies, to oil and gas and petrochemical producers and refiners, to manufacturing, construction, mining and events, such as the Olympic Games and The America’s Cup.

The business provides containerised mobile, modular power fuelled by gas, diesel, heavy fuel oil (HFO) and renewable hybrid packages, all designed to bring reliable, uninterrupted power that aims to reduce the cost of energy for its customers.

Beyond supplying power to business customers in remote areas, Aggreko also responds to emergencies of all sizes, like restoring power to entire communities after a natural disaster. This emergency response capability is enabled by the world’s largest fleet of mobile generators and they are ready to spring to action with just a phone call to its emergency power services line – open 24/7.

“We are always looking at ways to bring additional value to our customers,” said Dan Ibbetson, Aggreko’s managing director, Global Solutions. “It’s about providing bespoke, reliable power that meets our customers’ needs in the most cost effective and flexible way possible. Shell will help us to do that, by leveraging economies of scale with a trusted partner we can rely on.”

“Part of our strategy is to extrapolate maximum value by doing more with selected suppliers and this deal is a clear example of this.” Allan Methven, technical support manager – Power Solutions at Aggreko, nadded: “Shell is the global lubricant technology leader with products and expertise across diesel, gas and HFO engines. Our technical collaboration with Shell has been excellent for Aggreko and continues to provide real value to us.”

“We are pleased to have been working with Aggreko for many years, and we look forward to further deepening our collaboration, co-developing new solutions to further optimise their business operations,” said Richard Jory, Shell vice president for Global Key Accounts.