Shell Lubricants India launches new range of engine oils for Honda Motorcycle
Photo courtesy of Shell

Shell Lubricants India launches new range of engine oils for Honda Motorcycle

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. and Shell Lubricants India have entered into a strategic partnership to launch a new range of engine oils.

This Indian partnership marks the first-ever collaboration between the Japanese motorcycle OEM and Shell Lubricants in the two-wheeler segment.

“Investing in long-standing relationships with our OEM partners through close collaboration and innovation has always been a key commitment for Shell. We are delighted to partner with Honda and look forward to bringing more mobility innovations and new technologies to the Indian market,” said Shell Lubricants India country head Mansi Tripathy.

“Continuing to create new values for customers, Honda has collaborated with Shell Lubricants India to ensure superior riding experiences. We look forward to more collaborations in the future to set new benchmarks for the Indian two-wheeler industry,” Pradeep Kumar Pandey, senior vice president, customer service, Honda motorcycle & Scooter India, said.

The new motorcycle engine oils are specially formulated to match Honda Motorcycle’s requirements, providing several enhanced benefits such as improved pick-up and acceleration, better fuel economy, engine protection during high operating temperatures and smoother gear shifting.

The new range of lubricants for Honda two-wheelers will be available in the following packaging: 0.8 litre, 0.9 litre, and one litre.