Sinopec Capital’s latest investment boosts parent’s solar PV presence
Photo courtesy of Sinopec

Sinopec Capital’s latest investment boosts parent’s solar PV presence

Sinopec Capital, the investment arm of China’s powerful petroleum and petrochemical enterprise group China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group), has invested in Changzhou Bbetter Film Technologies Co., Ltd., as part of its expansion into new energy and new materials.

Sinopec Capital wants to build up its presence in the solar photovoltaic (PV) value chain.

The move is aligned with Sinopec Group’s vision of “building a world-leading clean energy and chemical company.”

Solar PV energy represents an important clean energy supported by the Chinese government. Changzhou Bbetter Film Technologies Co. is one of the flagship PV film materials companies in the world. Changzhou Bbetter Film has 28 years’ experience in manufacturing polymer plastic material. The company’s R&D Institute of new material ensures continuous research and development and innovation in film technology.

PV film materials create a great synergy with Sinopec, as its downstream extension of the petrochemical value chain. The investment in Better Film will extend Sinopec’s value chain in advanced chemical materials with higher added value.

Since its establishment in July 2018, Sinopec Capital has been focusing on five new areas, including new energy, new materials, advanced smart manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection as well as big data and artificial intelligence.

So far, Sinopec Capital has entered into strategic investment cooperation with a number of partners. Some of the companies it has invested in have been publicly listed in the capital market.