Truck makers form coalition to lobby for public EV charging access in U.S.
Photo courtesy of Volvo Trucks

Truck makers form coalition to lobby for public EV charging access in U.S.

Three leading truck manufacturers in the United States have formed a new industry alliance aimed at advocacy and education around infrastructure bottlenecks for medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles (EVs).

Powering America’s Commercial Transportation (PACT) brings founding members Daimler Truck North America, Navistar Inc. and Volvo Group North America together with utilities, charging firms and other fleet decarbonisation stakeholders.

Collectively representing about 70% of new truck sales in the United States, the coalition calls for distinct infrastructure policy treatment recognising the unique charging demands, complexities and costs facing high-capacity vehicle electrification.

PACT is lobbying for practical regulatory changes and funding that accelerates build-out, while coordinating actors across vehicle supply chains, real estate, and power distribution. Members will jointly promote best practices for smoothly transitioning commercial fleets without excessive consumer or grid impacts.

“Streamlined infrastructure deployment is vital so fleets can adopt zero-emission trucks at scale and maximise environmental gains quickly,” said Navistar CEO Mathias Carlbaum, citing a lack of convenient, reliable public power hampering uptake.

The alliance marks unprecedented coordination across truckmakers in addressing barriers, though PACT itself remains neutral on technologies. Concerted industry focus on resolving America’s patchy EV charging landscape for hauling could prove pivotal to reaching national decarbonisation targets, the coalition says.