A.S. Harrison & Co. invests in new technical facility
Photo courtesy of A.S. Harrison & Co.

A.S. Harrison & Co. invests in new technical facility

A.S. Harrison & Co. announced the start of the construction of a new Customer Engagement Laboratory (CEL) at its Sydney, Australia site.

“The CEL is being designed to support our customers in the region, as well as providing support to our supply partners. The CEL will strengthen our ability to provide solutions needed by our customers and suppliers in the area of end-use product development, formulation design techniques, product launch, field trial management and product testing,” said A.S. Harrison CEO Justin Roia.

Along with ISO-accredited standards of quality control, the CEL will increase capacity to manage the company’s growing fleet of customised reusable packing and decanted product lines.

“The facility will be a valuable hub to our industry, extending itself to training of our staff and customers with video conferencing and product demonstration capabilities,” he added.

The CEL is located alongside the company’s distribution centre, which was commissioned in 2012. Construction of the CEL commenced in April. It is expected to be operational by August.

Established in 1923, A.S. Harrison & Co. is one of the region’s leading suppliers of fuel and lubricant additives to the Australian and New Zealand markets. A.S. Harrison & Co has formed powerfully loyal relationships with the world’s largest and most technically advanced and respected principals.

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