Air Liquide and Vopak partner to boost Singapore's hydrogen infrastructure
Photo courtesy of Vopak

Air Liquide and Vopak partner to boost Singapore’s hydrogen infrastructure

In a move poised to revolutionize Singapore’s approach to sustainable energy, Air Liquide and Vopak have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) focused on enhancing the city-state’s ammonia importation, cracking, and hydrogen distribution capabilities. This collaboration underscores a significant commitment to advancing low-carbon fuel solutions, particularly for power generation and the maritime industry, within the region.

Ammonia, recognized for its efficiency as a hydrogen carrier, plays a pivotal role in the storage and transportation of hydrogen, a key element in the global push towards decarbonization. The partnership between Air Liquide and Vopak aims to capitalize on the existing global ammonia supply chain to facilitate the conversion of ammonia into hydrogen, thereby contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions across various sectors.

The joint venture plans to explore the development of low-carbon ammonia supply chains in Singapore. This includes the potential establishment of ammonia cracking facilities and the necessary storage and handling infrastructure at Vopak’s Banyan terminal. Moreover, the initiative seeks to distribute low-carbon hydrogen through a dedicated pipeline network, aligning with Singapore’s National Hydrogen Strategy to foster the adoption of advanced hydrogen technologies.

“By joining forces with Vopak, we aim to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that support Singapore’s decarbonization goals. Our expertise in ammonia cracking technology, currently being piloted in Belgium, will be instrumental in transforming low-carbon ammonia into hydrogen, significantly reducing emissions in industrial and challenging sectors,” said Zhang Xi, Air Liquide Singapore’s Southeast Asia Cluster vice president and managing director.

Rob Boudestijn, president of Vopak Singapore, highlighted the strategic importance of hydrogen and ammonia in Singapore’s transition to a low-carbon economy. “The collaboration with Air Liquide is a crucial step towards industrializing ammonia cracking in Singapore, offering an alternative low-carbon feedstock for the industry,” he stated.