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API releases revised version of API Service Symbol “Donut” for FA-4

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has developed a revised version of the API Service Symbol “Donut” to be used in conjunction with API FA-4. Addendum 2 to the 17th Edition of API 1509 explains the revised Donut and its use. API CK-4 will use the current API Donut.

The API Lubricants Group and the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) have approved two new diesel engine oil standards, API CK-4 and FA-4. These new standards may be licensed starting Dec. 1, 2016.

API CK-4 is an upgrade to the current API CJ-4 category and is backward compatible, while API FA-4 is expected to be recommended by diesel engine manufacturers for engines designed to meet more stringent greenhouse gas emissions requirements.

API’s Kevin Ferrick reported to ASTM International’s Subcommittee D02.B0 on automotive lubricants in late June in Bellevue, Wash., U.S.A., that with “the launch of these new categories now upon us, API is preparing to educate fleet operators, truck dealers, service providers and truck owners and operators on the importance of using these new diesel engine oil categories as recommended by their engine manufacturer.”

Oil marketers may use any color for the Donut, Ferrick said, and API won’t be strict about the registered mark that appears on the bottom right-hand side of the Donut either, he added. However, he emphasised that while the API Donut’s registered mark was not used in previous API categories, it is indeed a registered mark.

“Keeping everyone informed about the introduction of new engine oil categories is something API has always taken seriously, but the new diesel [engine oil] categories and the gasoline engine oil categories expected in 2018 will require significantly more effort,” he said.